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Introducing our team of experts! Our talented group of professionals is here to provide you with the highest quality service and expertise. With years of experience and a passion for what we do, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Get to know us and let us show you how we can help!


You can trust us, because we’re experts.

When you work with

The Business of Charity, you

get a team of experts who are motivated to helping your

non-profit grow and thrive.


The Team

Patrina Pelton- Smith

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Patrina led or served as a C-Suite executive for several Houston non-profit organizations, including Bay Area Turning Point, Inc., New Horizon Family Center, and Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women, Inc. Exiting from New Horizon Family Center in 2012, she launched Trinity Consulting Services as a grant writing service working with several non-profits across the Houston area.


She found that many non-profit leaders, especially those leading start-up or adolescent organizations did not have the infrastructure or administrative foundation to seek grants. As a result, Patrina expanded services and launched The Business of Charity, LLC in 2018. BOC now serves clients from Hawaii to Maryland, especially, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Patrina has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration from Prairie View A&M University, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Texas Tech University School of Law. She is also a Grant Professional Certified (GPC) and a member of the Grant Professionals Association.


Amanda Graves

Rising Grant Consultant

Amanda Graves, CEO and founder of The Making Ministries Non-Profit, dedicates herself to supporting non-profits and ministries across the US through fundraising and community outreach. Her approach combines spirituality and grassroots activism, believing true ministry involves equal parts church and street work. Amanda actively participates in fundraising and community outreach initiatives, showcasing her commitment to service and building connections.


She sees her role as a lifelong commitment to meeting the needs of others, passing this value on to her children, Anna and Amari. Beyond her philanthropic endeavors, Amanda finds joy in diverse interests like writing, travel, dance, music, and culinary arts. Titles hold little significance to her; actions speak louder than formal designations.


Amanda remains steadfast in her commitment to service and advocacy, exemplified in her role as a grant consultant with The Business of Charity, LLC. Her mantra, rooted in the belief that love will prevail, guides her and those fortunate to collaborate with her toward a better world.


Sharoen Bedford


Formation Specialist

Sharoen Bedford Moncriffe serves as the CEO and Founder of SMoncriffe +Co, a consultancy offering invaluable advice, insights, and recommendations to clients, aiding them in achieving their objectives and overcoming challenges. With a focus on small businesses, SMoncriffe +Co provides comprehensive knowledge and training.


For over two decades, Mrs. Moncriffe has been deeply engaged in the non-profit sector, both professionally and as a volunteer, serving on various boards. Her expertise lies in providing consultancy services and training to non-profits, focusing on recruiting and managing board members and volunteers, as well as offering guidance in fundraising and marketing strategies. She has lent her expertise to start-up non-profits, churches, civic clubs, and various organizations, contributing significantly to their growth and success.


Ima Pelton


With over 41 years of experience, Ima Pelton is a seasoned educator with a rich background in special education and regular education, having served as a Deaf Education Teacher, Elementary Education Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Speech Teacher, and finally, an Educational Diagnostician. Over her career, she conducted 500+ diagnostic evaluations and provided targeted tutoring to 150+ students, significantly improving their academic performance.

Ima excelled in documentation and analysis, authoring detailed ARD reports for 200+ students and leading approximately 100 ARD meetings to ensure compliance and collaborative decision-making. She successfully transitioned 50+ high school students out of special education by developing tailored education plans in collaboration with school stakeholders.


Since retiring, Ima has applied her skills in new avenues. Since 2022, she has worked with The Business of Charity as a proofreader, demonstrating her commitment to precision and excellence beyond the field of education and supporting BOC clients to move forward in their grant seeking process

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